Below is information about ROC (Reign of Chaos)

2023.08.06 Lord Bella Rogue

Reign of Chaos 2 starts at reset. GIS will follow a plan put together by RBy. This plan requires us to place our AC’s and honor buildings in specific places. GIS R4 and myself will coordinate the play of these buildings WITH YOU. Please do not just place your buildings anywhere. They need to be in specific locations. RBy will place their AC first, then GIS, then dRO. All AC and building placements are coordinated for maximum protection against attacks from our enemies! Thank you

2023.08.09 Lord Bella Rogue

IF YOUR ROC building is smoking, please send a legion to repair it. We have moved buildings around for better defense. Please fix your buildings quickly, we need to move to next step! Thank you 🙏

Empty Plots, Farm, Quarry and Distrillery produce Coalition Base Camp (CBC) upgrade building materials. These should be your priority! Processing these construction materials will allow you to focus on upgrading your CBC. Upgrading your CBC increases Troop Loyalty allowing you to take higher level

If you are collecting tiles outside the markers on the map, you are taking tiles too far away from the AC and will not provide a defense if we are attacked. Take tiles inside these markers please!

Your tiles must start at the AC and move outward without have large gaps!